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Nordic Midsummer with Novita
10 patterns
Feel the magic of the nightless night in our collection of Nordic Midsummer knits

Kuohu socks Novita Venla

These delicate socks are worked in 4-ply weight Novita Venla yarn. The distinct, froth-like lace is worked using a provisional cast-on.

Poutapilvi sweater Novita Nordic Wool

Pure and white like an occasional cloud on a summer sky, this sweater is elegant yet simple - a perfect first sweater project.

Aallotar lace cardigan Novita Wool Cotton

Aalto means wave, and Aallotar would be something like “she-of-the-waves”, a name given to mythical figures of old. Waves are the lead theme for this cardigan by Sari Nordlund - enjoy!

Kesäretki bag Novita 7 Veljestä

Your beach companion this summer, this woollen bag features a simple yet beautiful lace pattern, and a couple of tassels in contrasting colours for extra elegance.

Kukkaketo lace sweater Novita Venla

Light and delicate, this sweater by Sari Nordlund features a flowery lace pattern.

Sara top Novita Wool Cotton

This top is worked seamlessly from hem to armholes. It’s symmetrical, so you can choose whether you want the buttons front or back.

Heili dress Novita Wool Cotton

This dress has an air of simple elegance, making it fit for any occasion, be it a day at the beach or a summer party.

Pehmis lace shawl Novita Venla

“Pehmis” means softy, but more to the point, soft ice. That’s what you’re looking at: chocolate on top of vanilla. Fun and beautiful for any lace-lover out there.

Ilmatar lace top Novita Venla

This airy lace top is knitted in one piece from bottom to armholes.

Iltauinti blanket Novita Nalle

A great excercise in lace knitting - the pattern is easier than it looks, and you’ll be sure to get a lot of reps. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be down with lace knitting for good.